Giants Defeat Dolphins in Another Fourth Quarter Comeback

The New York Giants improved to 5-2 after defeating the Dolphins a week after their bye. Prior to the game, expects joked about the Giants having two bye weeks in a row because they were hosting the 0-6 Dolphins, but all Giants fans knew this wasn’t going to be a blowout, and the 11.5 point spread was way to generous for the Giants. Now why do I say this? The Giants have been unable to dominate any of their recent opponents, so I didn’t think the Giants would dominate the Dolphins, and they didn’t. However, they won and now have a 2 game lead over the Cowboys and Eagles in the NFC East.

The game started with the Dolphins quickly building up a 14-3 lead in the first half, but the Giants were able to score late in the 2nd quarter to make the score 14-10 going into the half. But it took 10 points in the 4th quarter to come from behind to win the game. The play that won the game was a 25-yard pass from Manning to Cruz, who spun out of a Will Allen tackle to walk into the end zone. The Giants didn’t walk away from the game unharmed though, Tryon is lost for the season with a broken arm, and Nicks strained his hamstring and his status for next week against the Patriots is unknown.

The player of the game was clearly Eli Manning. The Giants weren’t able to get anything going on the ground, so Eli was forced to throw the ball 45 times, completing 31 of his attempts for a total 349 yards with 2 touchdowns and no interceptions.

Next week the Giants will travel to New England to play the Patriots, but the status of Nicks and Bradshaw (ankle) is unknown for both. Keep reading this New York Giants blog for all the Giants news regarding the injury reports and Giants information in general.

Giants Defeat Bills and Claim First Place in the NFC East

The Giants had their second straight home game on 10/16/2011 against the 4-1 Buffalo Bills. After trading punts, the Giants finally had a long scoring drive consisting of 9-plays and taking 5:26. But right after, the Bills hit a home run with Fred Jackson, and after forcing the Giants to punt, hit another home run with a 60-yard pass to Roosevelt to take a 14-7 lead. The New York Giants were outplayed, in my opinion, but what they did right, was they played smarter and were more conservative than the Bills. That is highlighted when you look at the turnovers.

A problem the Giants have had for the past couple years has been turnover, whether it was Eli throwing an interception, or Bradshaw putting the ball on the ground, the Giants were plagued with turnovers. This is a game where the Giants won because they did not turn the ball over, and then proceeded to take it away from the Bills. The Giants had zero turnovers, but had two takeaways, both were interceptions which Corey Webster took away from Stevie Johnson. The second pick was late in the 4th quarter in a 24-24 game with the Bills in field goal range. That interception gave the Giants the chance to drive down the field, and kick a field goal to take a 3-point lead with less than 2 minutes remaining. And unlike the Seahawks game, the Giants defense was able to stop the Bills from moving down the field, and were able to win and head into the bye with a 4-2 record, sitting alone on top of the NFC East.

The star of the game was Ahmad Bradshaw, he had 104 yards on 26 carries, with all 3 of the New York Giants touchdowns.

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Giants get Embarrassed by Seahawks

First off, I apologize for not putting up a blog to cover the Giants victory over the Cardinals, I had a lot to say about it, but unfortunately I wasn’t able to find the time that week to make the post.

Now onto the game, or embarrassment, which took place on Sunday October 9, 2011 at MetLife Stadium. The Giants played their 3rd opponent from the weak NFC West in as little as 4 weeks. Seeing 3 NFC West opponents on the early part of the schedule led many Giants fans to expect another fast start. Unfortunately, the Giants have been unable to run, or stop the run. However, that topic has been beaten to death by other bloggers and columnists, I want to discuss the horrific performance made by the Giants.

The Giants have invested a fortune of money and top picks into the secondary, paying Webster and Rolle both a substantial amount. In addition to that, in 2007, the Giants 1st round pick was CB Aaron Ross, the following year it was Safety Kenny Phillips, three years later, and most recently, it was CB Prince Amukamara. Prince and the former 2nd rounder Thomas are both hurt, Ross has been inconsistent, Phillips has yet to show that he can be a special player following his knee surgery, Webster’s skills have declined since signing his big contract, and Rolle is all bark but no bite. This secondary which the Giants invested so much into has been extremely weak this season, against the Seahawks, they lost because they got confused in a critical situation and allowed the undrafted rookie Doug Baldwin to get wide open and just walk into the endzone for the go ahead score. Yes the Giants did drive right down the field and get to the 5-yard line, but Boothe forgot to snap the ball, causing the Giants to lose 5-yards and throw a pick-6 off of a Victor Cruz bobble. Boothe was also the center who forgot to block the Seahawks DT, Hargrove, and gave up a safety. Had that safety never occurred, the Giants would have let Tynes attempt a walk-off FG with seconds left. The Giants played an ugly game, but much more should be demanded from the Giants defensive secondary in the upcoming weeks!

Next week the Giants are home again, this time against the 4-1 Buffalo Bills. Keep reading this New York Giants blog from the Network for everything related to the New York Giants.

Did the Giants beat the Eagles?

Did Michael Vick really break his hand? Well the Giants did beat the Eagles, but the answer to the second question is no. Michael Vick left a close divisional game and put the hopes of a late scoring drive to regain the lead into the hands of Kafka because of a bruise. That’s right, Michael Vick stood at the podium after the game complaining, sat on the bench in disgust, blamed everyone but himself, because the Giants bruised his non-throwing hand. Now that I got that out of the way, let’s focus on the New York Giants victory over the Eagles in the latest Network Giants blog entry.

The Giants capitalized early by exploiting the Eagles weakness, their linebackers. A team which has fans who consistently give the Giants guff over only having Eli because of the Manning name, well they saw what happens when you start a player because of a name and a similar haircut to another player. Casey Matthews, Clay Matthews brother, was the starting WLB and the Giants took advantage with a play-fake to Jacobs, who then turned the corner to streak down leaving Matthews in a cloud of dust and catching a pass to walk into the endzone. The next score came from the man replacing Manningham, and the player who turned out to be the x-factor in Sundays win, Victor Cruz. Cruz had 3 catches, 2 touchdowns, and 110 receiving yards.

The Giants quickly built up a 14-0 1st quarter lead, but gave up 16 unanswered points in the 2nd and 3rd quarter. Trailing by 2 in the 4th quarter, the defense came up big with a stop on a 4th and 1 play near mid-field, leaving the Giants offense in excellent field position. The Giants capitalized on their good field position with a 28-yard pass from Eli to Cruz, but the highlight of that play was Cruz taking the ball out of the air at its high point while being mugged by the Eagles prized off-season acquisition, Asomugha.

The Giants finally beat the Eagles after losing 6 straight in previous years, and are now 2-1. The Giants travel to Arizona to play the Cardinals next week. Keep up to date with Giants 360 for all the Giants blog and Giants news information you need to stay informed regarding the next Giants game.

Giants Defeat Rams 28-16

After winning a Monday Night Football game against the St. Louis Rams, you would have thought that I would be optimistic with the Giants going forward. However, that is not the case. This team and season looks way to similar to the 2003 Giants team that went 4-12. Yes, we won, but the team continued to rack up injuries (not the fake Grant injury), and again, it was all at one position. Mario Manningham left the game with a concussion after failing to make a clean catch which was a TD for sure. He fell after making the bobbled catch and his head hit the turf hard. Giants fans can thank him, because shortly after that, Hixon made a great TD catch, but tore his ACL in the process. Had Manningham just caught the pass when wide open, he could have done one of his stupid celebrations that no one but himself enjoys. With the Eagles game coming up on Sunday, the Giants could be limited at WR to Nicks, Cruz, Stokley, Thomas, and Jernigan.

A win is a win, but this team lacks confidence and fire. We certainly hope the Giants can build on this victory and finally defeat the Eagles next week to avoid a 7th straight loss, but this team should make even the historically optimistic fans, like myself, very cautious.

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Giants Start Season With Lack of Pride and/or Talent

Many words can describe the Giants performance on September 11, 2011 at FedEx Field against the Redskins. Gutless, atrocious, awful, etc. just to name a few! The New York Giants were unable to establish anything offensively, and on defense, they had moments where they only rushed Grossman with 3 people, however, the Redskins receivers and backs were running routes wide-open. The Giants had an opportunity in the 4th quarter to tie the game and regain momentum following a sack and fumble forced by Jason Pierre-Paul, and recovered by Michael Boley. But, a clueless offense went 3-and-out and it ended up with an even more clueless special teams taking the field to have a field goal attempt blocked. The Giants were either playing without interest, or the most likely scenario, lacking talent at many positions.

This game gave a very simple blueprint to any defensive coordinator to beat the Giants. Double Nicks, man-to-man on Manningham, and play zone or blitz with the rest. It is no secret that the Giants lack a quality Slot-WR and a TE, but they arguably have the worst Slot and TE combination in the NFL. This team needs to seriously play above their abilities, and Manning needs to play like the QB he compared himself to, Brady, if the Giants want to finish the season with a winning record.

Next week the Giants may catch a break as they host the St. Louis Rams for Monday Night Football. That huge break they may catch will be in the form of an even more banged up team, the Rams might be without Bradford, Amendola, and Jackson.

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