Giants Draft Fever: 360 Prospect Tracker

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    During our draft coverage, Giants360 identified multiple players who fit the new Giants player mold, team leaders or players with a track record of accomplishment. Men dedicated to football and demonstrating a work ethic that improves their chances of making an impactful contribution on the field. Jerry Reese has gone out of his way to say that the team will not avoid players with troubled pasts, but Giants360 interprets that as a classic smoke screen. If other teams know the Giants will pass on a player because of an off field incident, it will make their decisions as easy as a fantasy draft when your opponents are auto-drafting. An isolated incident in the past won’t turn off the Giants, but a pattern of off field behavior, or arguing with coaches, authority figures or law enforcement will cause the team to drop the play far down on their draft board or remove him completely. None of the players profiled by Giants360 have this type of background, we skipped over those players, if identified in online media coverage,, or Nolan Nawrocki’s 2015 NFL Draft Preview.

    Another objective for the 2015 Giants is to reduce their two season league leading injury profile. Players with an injury history are highlighted in red on this list and are dropped down in our projected round accordingly. NFL teams perform multiple and redundant medical screenings on prospective players, but as Rashad Jennings pointed out that week, “This is football, man,” and players get injured. You assume some additional risk when drafting a player who had an injury history in his collegiate career.

    Keep an eye on these men, a few may wind up wearing blue come May 3rd, and if they do, you will read about it in this space, possibly more than once. Especially if we correctly pick the player and the round…

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