Introducing Pat Lamb


I am excited to announce that Pat Lamb will be contributing to Giants360. Pat draws original Giants themed cartoon and creates videos that will a new dimension to the site.

Meet him in his own words…

“Pat Lamb has been following the giants since the 70’s. Being a Giant fan has taught me valuable life lessons… like when to turn the game off…

Pat Lamb

I’m a comedian/cartoonist, which is the modern day equivalent of the soldier/statesmen of ancient Greece. You’ll see funny drawings… Brilliant ones, and some very Bizarre (I do go off the deep end at times). My style is my own, I despise political correctness and people who have BLIND allegiance to bad ideas.”

Going off the deep end means Pat will fit in just fine in these parts. We look forward to his contributions. You can see more of his work on his web site

Connect with Pat on Twitter: @lambchops1



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