Meet Anthony Sciarratta


    Please join me in welcoming Anthony Sciarratta to the Giants360 family. Anthony, the “Sportsfella,” combines his passion for the Giants with a talent for writing to produce compelling columns with strong options on our favorite team. In his own word…

    1902720_1622474697985949_6978970028805421706_n“Anthony Sciarratta is a Queens native. He fell in love with football in high school and the rest is history. His passion for the New York Giants is called crazy by some. Whatever you do, don’t talk bad about Eli Manning in front of him. You’ll be up for a long debate if you do. He is also commonly known as the “Sportsfella”.”

    I am pleased to have him contributing to the site and look forward to his articles.

    Follow him on Twitter @ant_sciarratta

    Giants360. All Giants. All Year Round.


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