Super Bowl 49


    New England Patriots vs Seattle Seahawks:

    Line: Pick Em
    Over/Under: 47.5

    The hoodie will coach the Patriots to victory? Or will he? Bet the under
    The hoodie will coach the Patriots to victory? Or will he? Bet the under

    Analysis: Points will come at a premium in this game, as surely as the footballs will be fully inflated. The past two weeks have seen the Patriots grilled, sauteed, and flambeed with accusations that they intentionally deflated their game balls prior to the AFC Championship game. Meanwhile, the Seahawks largely flew under the radar until media day when Marshawn Lynch came so he wouldn’t be fined and shifted the focus to another largely meaningless story. Yes, the Patriots probably used footballs below the inflation standard from the 1930’s. No, it probably didn’t give them an advantage. They scored more points in the second half with fully inflated game balls. What this “Scandal” did do is serve to motivate the team in a way that even master motivator Bill Belichick could not.

    Belichick’s history is to take away the opposing team’s best weapon – that’s Marshawn Lynch. He will force Russell Wilson to throw to his underwhelming group of weapons to beat the Patriots. Wilson is coming off his worst game in the NFC Championship, and will face a tough secondary. It’s possible that Lynch is able to run through New England’s best 8 man front, in which case, Seattle will have a distinct advantage. Giants360 picks the Patriots due to Belichick’s defensive prowess, and Wilson’s inability to replicate Eli Manning’s Super Bowl magic.

    The real bet in this game in the under. Two strong defense will equal few opportunities to score. The relatively high 47.5 point total is an opportunity. Take it.

    Note to the throngs of media that surround Marshawn Lynch at every opportunity. What do you think he’s going to say that’s so interesting? But, he might talk to you if you’re wearing a Beastmode hat. They’re for sale, you know.

    Straight pick: Patriots
    Spread Pick: Patriots E
    OU Pick: Under 47.5

    Pick Confidence: Low on the Straight and Spread; High on the Under.


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