360 Picks: Week 15


    Week 14 was a return to mediocrity for the straight picks, with a 9-7 record, and a pedestrian 8-8 on the over/unders. The selection computer short circuited on the spread picks, turning in a 4-11-1, stalling it’s effort to get back to even for the season. Undeterred, and with rallying on it’s mind, our artificial intelligence soldiers on.

    First let’s look at how we’ve done, then we’ll move on to this week’s selections.

    Straight up: 2-2 on High confidence picks, 7-5 on Low. 9-7 Overall
    Straight up season: 61-29-1 on High confidence picks, 65-52 on low. 126-81-1 Overall

    Spread: 0-3 on High confidence picks, 4-8-1 on Low. 4-11-1 Overall
    Spread season: 32-34-1 on High Confidence Picks, 64-73-4 on Low. 96-107-5 Overall

    OU: 2-3 on High confidence Picks, 6-5 on Low. 8-8 Overall
    Season OU: 23-31-1 on High confidence picks, 71-78-4 on Low. 94-109-5 Overall

    Parley Picks: Done for the season. 1-11 Overall. Parlays aren’t our thing. Going to stop suggesting them.
    Suicide Selections: 2-2, 41-15 Overall. Never picking the 49ers again.

    360 Picks Week 15:

    Pittsburgh Steelers at Atlanta Falcons:

    Line: Steelers by 2.0
    Over/Under: 56.5

    Analysis: Pittsburgh has been one of the NFL’s most inconsistent teams, losing to Tampa Bay and New Orleans at home, but beating Cincinnati on the road soundly last week. On paper, this game appears to be a mismatch, but Atlanta plays better at home, and the Steelers are a challenge to get a good read on. Take the home team and the points.

    Straight Pick: Falcons
    Spread Pick: Falcons + 2.0
    OU Pick: Over 56.5

    Confidence: Low on the Straight and the Spread; High on the Over.

    Washington Redskins at New York Giants:

    Line: Giants by 7.5
    Over/Under: 47.0

    Analysis: The Giants are favored by more than a touchdown in this game. Go back and read that again, slowly. I’ll wait. Both teams are playing out the string on highly disappointing seasons, but while the Redskins have devolved into a circus atmosphere thanks to the ego, injuries, and poor play of Robert Griffin, the Giants have stayed together under Tom Coughlin’s leadership. That’s why Coughlin need to be retained as head coach beyond 2014. In prior seasons, as the wheels started to come off, locker room malcontents (Jeremy Shockey, Tiki Barber) would be spouting off and tearing the team apart. With few exceptions, this team has said and done the right things. The Giants win their second straight, but not by more than a touchdown.

    Straight Pick: Giants
    Spread Pick: Redskins + 7.5
    OU Pick: Over 47.0

    Confidence:  Low on all three picks.

    Miami Dolphins at New England Patriots:

    Line: Patriots by 9.0
    Over/Under: 48.0

    Analysis: Way back in week 1, Miami soundly thrashed New England 33-20. Everyone wondered what was wrong with the Patriots and if Bill Belichick and Tom Brady had lost it. What no one considered was the dark blue clad Patriots were on the sunny side of the field in Miami in September. This game is in Foxboro in December. And Miami can’t defend the run. Rex Ryan knew it, I know it, and you can bet your grandmother’s social security check that Belichick knows it. Lay. The. Points.

    Straight Pick: Patriots
    Spread Pick: Patriots – 9.0
    OU Pick: Under 48.0

    Confidence: High on the Straight; Low on the Spread and the Under.

    Oakland Raiders at Kansas City Chiefs:

    Line: Chiefs by 10.0
    Over/Under: 41.5

    Analysis: Three weeks ago, Oakland shocked the world, or at least the few thousand that bothered watching an 0-10 team on a Thursday night in November by beating the Chiefs for their first win, 24-20.They’ve since won another game and now have a rematch with their most hated division rival. The Chiefs win this one at home, but Oakland keeps it close with their running game.

    Straight Pick: Chiefs
    Spread Pick: Raiders + 10.0
    OU Pick: Under 41.5

    Confidence: Low on all three picks.

    Houston Texans at Indianapolis Colts:

    Line: Colts by 7.0
    Over/Under: 49.0

    Analysis: The Colts can clinch the AFC South with a win. Houston, despite quarterback issues and no production from 2014 first overall draft pick Jadaveon Clowney are somehow have a 7-6 record and are on the outskirts of being a contender. That ends this week as the Colts romp. MVP candidate J.J. Watt will do his level best to prevent a blowout, but he alone will not be able to hold off the onslaught.

    Straight Pick: Colts
    Spread Pick: Colts – 7.0
    OU Pick: Under 49.0

    Confidence: High on the Straight and the Spread; Low on the Under.

    Jacksonville Jaguars at Baltimore Ravens:

    Line: Ravens by 14.0
    Over/Under: 45.0

    Analysis: Jacksonville has been surprisingly competitive, but the Ravens are surging and are a team championship aspirations. The Jaguars are win-less on the road, and Baltimore is not a place to end a losing streak.

    Straight Pick: Ravens
    Spread Pick: Ravens – 14.0
    OU Pick: Under 45.0

    Confidence: High on the Straight; Low on the Spread and the Under.

    Green Bay Packers at Buffalo Bills:

    Line: Packers by 5.0
    Over/Under: 50.5

    Analysis: Buffalo’s defense stood toe to toe with Peyton Manning and broke his consecutive game touchdown pass streak in Denver last week. Losing by a touchdown, the competitive Bills take on Aaron Rodgers on a short week in Buffalo. The Packers barely held off the walking wounded Falcons at home on Monday night. This is the 360Picks upset special of the week.

    Straight Pick: Bills
    Spread Pick: Bills + 5.0
    OU Pick: Over 50.5

    Confidence: Low on all three picks.

    Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Carolina Panthers:

    Line: Panthers by 3.0
    Over/Under: 41.5

    Analysis: Cam Newton flipped his truck several times this week and walked away with a smile and cracked vertebrae in his back. Derek Anderson will start his second game of the year against the Buccaneers, after defeating them 20-14 in Tampa Bay to open the season. Lovey Smith is reportedly thinking of switching quarterbacks again, and re-returning to second year signal caller Mike Glennon. It won’t help.

    Straight Pick: Panthers
    Spread Pick: Panthers – 3.0
    OU Pick: Under 41.5

    Confidence: Low on the Straight and the Spread; High on the Under.

    Cincinnati Bengals at Cleveland Browns:

    Line: Browns by 1.0
    Over/Under: 44.0

    Analysis: It’s Johnny Football time in Cleveland. Brian Hoyer, who was given every chance to keep the starting gig for the Browns, played his way on to the bench and off the team after the season. First round pick Manziel, who is dynamic on the field, and a social media phenomenon off of it, will get his first start. Hide your wife, hide your kids. If you thought Kim Khardasian’s heavily photoshopped rump broke the internet, just wait until Johnny scores a touchdown. The Bengals defense is too good for a rookie quarterback to beat.

    Straight Pick: Bengals
    Spread Pick: Bengals + 1.0
    OU Pick: Over 44.0

    Confidence: Low on the Straight and the Spread; High on the Over.

    Minnesota Vikings at Detroit Lions:

    Line: Lions by 9.0
    Over/Under: 41.5

    Analysis: Detroit continued to play consistent football and win games with defense. Something the motor city hasn’t seen since they had a bond rating. Minnesota is experiencing growing pains with rookie quarterback Teddy Bridgewater and has played some good football against bad teams. The Lions can no longer be considered one. Detroit hold serve and keeps pace in the highly competitive NFC playoff race.

    Straight Pick: Lions
    Spread Pick: Lions – 9.0
    OU Pick: Over 41.5

    Confidence: Low on all three picks.

    New York Jets at Tennessee Titans:

    Line: Jets by 3.0
    Over/Under: 42.0

    Analysis: The Jets are playing hard for outgoing coach Rex Ryan, doing everything possible to show owner Woody Johnson that the issue is in the front office. This week, they come up against a team in worse shape than themselves. Titans are dropping faster than Arizona Cardinals quarterbacks. The Jets win it for Rex, but Rex can’t be saved. The only saving grace is it appears he’s taking General Manager John Idzik down with him. Idzik should have worked with Ryan instead of giving him incomplete rosters and trying to run him out of town.

    Straight Pick: Jets
    Spread Pick: Jets – 3.0
    OU Pick: Over 42.0

    Confidence: Low on the Straight and the Spread; High on the Over.

    Denver Broncos at San Diego Chargers:

    Line: Broncos by 4.0
    Over/Under: 51.5

    Analysis: What’s wrong with the Broncos passing game? Is Peyton Manning hurt? Is Cthulhu calling plays for the Broncos offense? These are all questions Broncos fans and Peyton Manning’s fantasy football owners have been asking for the past week. There’s nothing wrong with the Broncos passing game. Manning is fine and calls his own plays as far as Giants360 knows. Expect touchdown passes to rain from above to prove a point as the Broncos can clinch the AFC West with a win.

    Straight Pick: Broncos
    Spread Pick: Broncos – 4.0
    OU Pick: Under 51.5

    Confidence: Low on all three picks.

    San Francisco Forty-Niners at Seattle Seahawks:

    Line: Seahawks by 10.0
    Over/Under: 38.0

    Analysis: The Harbaugh effect on the Forty-Niners locker room reached a new high last Sunday as San Francisco lost to cross town rival, the previously one win Oakland Raiders. Jim Harbaugh assured the media that nothing is wrong and he plans to coach the Forty-Niners next season. Meanwhile, his star pupil, quarterback Colin Kaepernick has regressed and is playing to his potential as a one read, running quarterback. Without a top notch defense and stellar running game to fall back on, Kaepernick is exposed for the fraud that he is. And the San Francisco players are following the example set by their coach by throwing hissy fits because things aren’t going their way. And to think, some Giants fans think Harbaugh should replace Tom Coughlin and bring this madness into the Giants locker room. No thanks. The Forty-Niners travel to hated rival Seattle to get their 2014 season staked in the heart. Michigan is on line one, Jim. Don’t let the door hit you on your ass on your way out of the NFL.

    Straight Pick: Seahawks
    Spread Pick: Seahawks – 10.0
    OU Pick: Over 38.0

    Confidence: High on the Straight and the Spread; Low on the Over.

    Dallas Cowboys at Philadelphia Eagles:

    Line: Eagles by 3.0
    Over/Under: 56.0

    Analysis: A rematch of the Thanksgiving day massacre, this time in the City of Brotherly Love. Chip Kelly actually might live up to that monicker, as he doesn’t pay attention to the bile that flows between these bitter NFC East rivals. A Philadelphia win clinches the division and curses the Cowboys to fight it out with the Cardinals/Seahawks and Packers/Lions loser for the NFC wild card spots. Dallas is at a severe disadvantage if the race ends in the three way tie. At the owners meeting this week, talk of expanding the playoff by a team in each conference was tabled until next March. If Dallas wins 10 games and misses the playoffs, bet your life savings and your children’s college funds that it happen in 2015. Sweeping a division opponent is difficult at best. Take the points in this one

    Straight Pick: Cowboys
    Spread Pick: Cowboys + 3.0
    OU Pick: Over 56.0

    Confidence: High on all three picks.

    New Orleans Saints at Chicago Bears:

    Line: Saints by 3.5
    Over/Under: 53.5

    Analysis: The in fighting continues in Chicago as offensive coordinator Aaron Kromer said and then retracted that the team has “Buyer’s remorse” over giving Jay Cutler a big contract this off season. General Manager Phil Emery, who gave Cutler that contract, obviously lit into Kromer for speaking the truth. Cutler, the Jeff George for his generation, has been inconsistent and is not seen as a leader by his teammates. If Emery were in touch with his locker room, he would have know that and gone in a different direction. The Cutler contract will eventually cost Emery his job. The Bears play New Orleans this week, losers at home to for the fourth straight time last week, this time to the Panther by 31. The trends say never pick the Saints on the road in December, but this is a bizarro year for New Orleans.

    Straight Pick: Saints
    Spread Pick: Saints – 3.5
    OU Pick: Over 53.5

    Confidence: Low on the Straight and the Spread; High on the Over.

    If you want to play a parley: Don’t look for one here. We’ve been horrendous at them.

    If you’re in a suicide pool: In order… Colts, Seahawks, Chiefs, Lions


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