360 Picks: Week 13


    The picks computer was on fire with the straight picks, going 8-2 with the High confidence picks and 11-4 overall. The spread picks were again a mediocre 7-8, while Over/Unders treaded water at 8-6-1, but the Low confidence picks were 6-1-1. That’s not the way this is supposed to work, but we soldier on.

    First let’s look at how we’ve done, then we’ll move on to this week’s selections.

    Straight up: 8-2 on High confidence picks, 3-2 on Low. 11-4 Overall
    Straight up season: 53-25-1 on High confidence picks, 53-44 on low. 106-69-1 Overall

    Spread: 4-5 on High confidence picks, 3-3 on Low. 7-8 Overall
    Spread season: 28-28-1 on High Confidence Picks, 57-59-3 on Low. 85-87-4 Overall

    OU: 2-5 on High confidence Picks, 6-1-1 on Low. 8-6-1 Overall
    Season OU: 17-25-1 on High confidence picks, 59-70-4 on Low. 76-95-5 Overall

    Parley Picks: Missed, 0-2. 1-11 Overall. Parlays aren’t our thing. Going to stop suggesting them.
    Suicide Selections: 4-0, 36-12 Overall.

    360 Picks Week 13:

    Washington Redskins at Indianapolis Colts:

    Line: Colts by 10.5
    Over/Under: 51.0

    Analysis: Washington benched Ryan Leaf Robert Griffin in favor of Colt McCoy, as coach Jay Gruden pointed out that McCoy is 2-0 as a starter this season. Gruden was also careful to say that the benching much not be permanent, meaning that owner Daniel Snyder might force him to start the number two overall pick and huge bust Griffin again before the season ends. Good news, though, Jerry Jones is a Griffin fan. He would be so much fun in Jerry world, we can hardly contain our excitement at the possibility. Oh, and take the Colts.

    Straight Pick: Colts
    Spread Pick: Colts – 10.5
    OU Pick: Under 51.0

    Confidence: Low on the Straight and the Spread; High on the Under.

    Tennessee Titans at Houston Texans:

    Line: Texans by 7.0
    Over/Under: 43.0

    Analysis: Ryan Mallett is on injured reserve, and a trimmed beard Ryan Fitzpatrick is back at starter as the Texans game of musical Ryans at quarterback continues. Fortunately, it won’t effect the Texans defense, that will harass Titans rookie Zack Mettenberger into making enough mistakes for home team Houston to win the game.

    Straight Pick: Texans
    Spread Pick: Texans – 7.0
    OU Pick: Under 43.0

    Confidence:  High on the Straight and the Under; Low on the Spread.

    Cleveland Browns at Buffalo Bills:

    Line: Bills by 3.0
    Over/Under: 42.5

    Analysis: Buffalo returns to Ralph Wilson stadium as the full winter’s helping of snow that fell on Buffalo last week has been cleared in time for Josh Gordon and the Cleveland Browns to come to town. Unbelievable as it may sound, this game has playoff implications as both teams are still in the hunt. Browns teammates should be cautioned not to hug Johnny Manziel after they score, which they will, but not enough to beat the home town Bills.

    Straight Pick: Bills
    Spread Pick: Bills – 3.0
    OU Pick: Under 42.5

    Confidence: High on the Straight and the Spread; Low on the Under.

    San Diego Chargers at Baltimore Ravens:

    Line: Ravens by 6.5
    Over/Under: 46.0

    Analysis: The last time the Chargers traveled cross country, they were shut out by the Dolphins in Miami. Baltimore is in the thick of the hotly contested AFC North playoff hunt and returns home after a big Monday night road win against New Orleans. They have the look of a team on roll.

    Straight Pick: Ravens
    Spread Pick: Ravens – 6.5
    OU Pick: Under 46.0

    Confidence: High on the Spread and the Over; Low on the Straight.

    New York Giants at Jacksonville Jaguars:

    Line: Giants by 3.5
    Over/Under: 46.0

    Analysis: The Giants are losers of 6 straight and were officially eliminated from the playoffs when the Lions beat the Bears on Thanksgiving afternoon. This next stretch of games, which features 4 straight against teams with losing records will tell us everything we need to know about whether Tom Coughlin has lost the team and should retire or is still firmly in command and should return to help fix this hot mess. Never bet against the man. You can also get 7 to 1 odds on Odell Beckham making another one handed touchdown catch. Let’s hope they don’t become that routine that we see them in back to back games.

    Straight Pick: Giants
    Spread Pick: Giants – 3.5
    Beckham Prop Bet: No One Handed TD Catch
    OU Pick: Under 46.0

    Confidence: High on the Straight, the Spread, and the Prop bet; Low on the Over.

    Cincinnati Bengals at Tampa Bay Buccaneers:

    Line: Bengals by 4.0
    Over/Under: 44.0

    Analysis: The leaders of the AFC North, on the strength of their tie with the Carolina Panthers, Cincinnati travel to Tampa Bay to take on NFC South contenders Tampa Bay. The Buccaneers are 2-8 and only two games off the division lead and firmly in the playoff chase in the NFL’s most pitiful division. Tampa Bay is only one game out of the first overall pick in the draft. Isn’t the NFL just a remarkable league! Cincinnati wins this one easily.

    Straight Pick: Bengals
    Spread Pick: Bengals – 4.0
    OU Pick: Under 44.0

    Confidence: Low on all three picks.

    Oakland Raiders at St. Louis Rams:

    Line: Rams by 7.0
    Over/Under: 42.0

    Analysis: After beating the Broncos at home and giving the Chargers all they could handle before losing by a field goal in San Diego, the St. Louis Rams return home for a third straight against the Oakland Raiders. This game screams let down as the Raiders, winners of their first game of the season one Thursday removed, have been playing hard for interim coach Tony Sparano. Oakland keeps it close, but the Rams ultimately win the game.

    Straight Pick: Rams
    Spread Pick: Raiders + 7.0
    OU Pick: Over 42.0

    Confidence: Low on all three picks.

    New Orleans Saints at Pittsburgh Steelers:

    Line: Steelers by 4.5
    Over/Under: 54.5

    Analysis: New Orleans was set up to take control of the NFC South with three straight home games, but unfortunately, the once formidable home warrior Saints lost all three. New Orleans tied with Atlanta for the division lead and play the Steelers in Pittsburgh. Make it four straight losses for the Saints as Pittburgh comes out of their bye healthier and looking for a return to prominence.

    Straight Pick: Steelers
    Spread Pick: Steelers – 4.5
    OU Pick: Over 54.5

    Confidence: Low on all three picks.

    Carolina Panthers at Minnesota Vikings:

    Line: Vikings by 2.5
    Over/Under: 42.5

    Analysis: The Panther offensive line is falling apart and this week will be starting Mike Remmers at right tackle. Exactly, we never heard of him either. Lay the points.

    Straight Pick: Vikings
    Spread Pick: Vikings – 2.5
    OU Pick: Over 42.5

    Confidence: High on the Straight and the Spread; Low on the Over.

    Arizona Cardinals at Atlanta Falcons:

    Line: Cardinals by 2.5
    Over/Under: 44.5

    Analysis: The Cardinals struggled at Seattle and played their worst game of the season, but have a chance to get back on track in this meeting of division leaders. The Falcons lead the NFC South with a record of 4-7, while the Cardinals lead the NFC West with a NFL best record of 9-2. Lay the points.

    Straight Pick: Cardinals
    Spread Pick: Cardinals – 2.5
    OU Pick: Over 44.5

    Confidence: High on the Straight and the Under; Low on the Spread.

    New England Patriots at Green Bay Packers:

    Line: Packers by 3.0
    Over/Under: 58.5

    Analysis: New England is a rare underdog in this trip to the frozen tundra. Green Bay is a force at home, most recently dismantling the Eagles by a score of 51-28. This one will be closer and we went back and forth on the pick before settling on the home team. It’s hard to pass up Belichick and Brady getting points, but sometimes you have to go with the computer over your brain, since your brain once went 0 for a week.

    Straight Pick: Packers
    Spread Pick: Packers – 3.0
    OU Pick: Over 58.5

    Confidence: High on the Straight and the Spread; Low on the Over.

    Denver Broncos at Kansas City Chiefs:

    Line: Broncos by 2.0
    Over/Under: 50.5

    Analysis: The Sunday night game is a NFC West showdown between the division leading Broncos and the Chiefs that trail by only a game. If Denver wins, they take a commanding two game lead with 4 games remaining in the season and a sweep of the series. If Kansas City prevails, it ties the division going into the home stretch. Denver is the superior team.

    Straight Pick: Broncos
    Spread Pick: Broncos – 2.0
    OU Pick: Under 50.5

    Confidence: High on all three picks.

    Miami Dolphins at New York Jets:

    Line: Dolphins by 7.5
    Over/Under: 42.0

    Analysis: Rex Ryan is being strong armed into starting Geno Smith by floundering general manager John Idzik. Neither Smith, nor veteran backup Michael Vick appear to be the answer for the Jets, who should pursue a free agent in the off season. The Eagles Mark Sanchez will be available and would be a nice fit with the Jets weapons. Oh wait… well, maybe they can outbid Jerry Jones for Robert Griffin or trade with Cleveland for Johnny Manziel. Or draft Florida State quarterback Jameis Winston. Oh New York Jets, you amuse us so. Miami gets a much needed division win in their ongoing playoff hunt.

    Straight Pick: Dolphins
    Spread Pick: Dolphins – 7.5
    OU Pick: Under 42.0

    Confidence: High on all three picks.

    If you want to play a parley: Don’t look for one here. We’ve been horrendous at them.

    If you’re in a suicide pool: In order… Colts, Rams, Dolphins, Ravens


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