Picking the Thanksgiving Day Games


    Chicago Bears at Detroit Lions:

    Line: Lions by 7.0
    Over/Under: 47.5

    Analysis: This game was flexed from Fox to CBS for your Thanksgiving day enjoyment. The 5-6 Bears take on the 7-4 Lions at Ford Field in Detroit. If the Bears lose, they are all but eliminated from the playoff picture, while the Lions will be seen as having another late season swoon if they drop this game. Detroit has played close games at home, and Chicago is giving the Jets a run for the title of most dysfunctional team in the NFL. The Lions win, but won’t cover the touchdown.

    Straight pick: Lions
    Spread Pick: Bears + 7.0
    OU Pick: Over 47.5

    Pick Confidence: Low on all three picks.

    Philadelphia Eagles at Dallas Cowboys:

    Line: Cowboys by 3.0
    Over/Under: 55.5

    Analysis: While you are eating your turkey, this game will be on in the background. Turn down the sound, or Troy Aikman’s incessant Cowboys rooting from the press box will give you indigestion. The winner of this game will take early control of the NFC East until the teams meet again in Philadelphia in two weeks. Don’t pick against the Cowboys on Thanksgiving. The over/under of 55.5 applies to both the total of the game and the number of times we will see gratuitous shots of Jerry Jones in his owner’s box during the game. I’m taking the over on both.

    Straight pick: Cowboys
    Spread Pick: Cowboys – 3.0
    OU Pick: Over 55.5

    Pick Confidence: Low on all three picks.

    Seattle Seahawks at San Francisco Forty-Niners:

    Line: Forty-Niners by 1.0
    Over/Under: 40.0

    Analysis: Your after dinner enjoyment will feature the hard hitting, bitterly contested divisional rivalry between arch rivals Seattle and San Francisco. To say these teams, and their fan bases, not to mention their head coaches, hate one another wouldn’t do the match up justice. It will be fierce. There will be pushing, shoving, and possible punches thrown. Richard Sherman will get in Forty-Niners faces. Colin Kaepernick will get in Seahawks faces. In the end, the better quarterback and running game will win the night, and that’s clearly the Seahawks. Points will be at a premium.

    Straight pick: Seahawks
    Spread Pick: Seahawks + 1.0
    OU Pick: Under 40.0

    Pick Confidence: Low on the Straight and Spread; High on the Under.


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