360 Picks: Week 11

If you are following along at home, Giants360 had our best week of the season, kicking off the stretch run of the NFL season in style. 10-3 straight up, 9-4 against the spread, and 8-5 in the over/unders, giving us our first, but hopefully not last winner, winner, winner chicken dinner week of the season. We also hit our parlay and went 4-0 on the suicide pool picks. If George Costanza were making these picks, he would leave on a high note. But not us, we want to do better, or die trying.

First let’s look at how we’ve done, then we’ll move on to this week’s selections.

Straight up: 6-3 on High confidence picks, 4-0 on Low. 10-3 Overall
Straight up season: 42-19-1 on High confidence picks, 46-39 on low. 78-58-1 Overall

Spread: 4-1 on High confidence picks, 5-3 on Low. 9-4 Overall
Spread season: 22-20-1 on High Confidence Picks, 50-52-2 on Low. 71-73-3 Overall

OU: 4-2 on High confidence Picks, 4-3 on Low. 8-5 Overall
Season OU: 9-16-1 on High confidence picks, 51-76-4 on Low. 60-93-5 Overall

Parley Picks: Missed, 1-0. 1-9 Overall. Miracles happen. Now it’s time to do it again.
Suicide Selections: 4-0, 30-10 Overall.

360 Picks Week 11:

Minnesota Vikings at Chicago Bears:

Line: Bears by 3.0
Over/Under: 46.0

Analysis: The Bears were humiliated on national television last Sunday night at Green Bay and return home in disarray to face the Vikings, still without Adrian Peterson. When everyone is jumping off a team, it’s time to jump on. But it will be a close game.

Straight Pick: Bears
Spread Pick: Vikings + 3.0
OU Pick: Under 46.0

Confidence: Low on the Straight and the Spread; High on the Under

Houston Texans at Cleveland Browns:

Line: Browns by 3.5
Over/Under: 40.5

Analysis: Cleveland is playing some of the best football in the NFL, while the Texans are going with the untested Ryan Mallett at quarterback. The only way the Browns lose this game is if they take the Texans lightly and that’s not going to happen after the Jaguars incident earlier this season.

Straight Pick: Browns
Spread Pick: Browns – 3.5
OU Pick: Over 40.5

Confidence:  High on the Straight and the Spread; Low on the Over

Philadelphia Eagles at Green Bay Packers:

Line: Packers by 6.0
Over/Under: 56.0

Analysis: On a short week, the Sanchezes travel to one of the most difficult venues in the NFL – Lambeau Field. You just know that he will eventually have a Mark Sanchez game, and this one is it.

Straight Pick: Packers
Spread Pick: Packers – 6.0
OU Pick: Under 56.0

Confidence: High on the Straight and the Under; Low on the Spread

Seattle Seahawks at Kansas City Chiefs:

Line: Chiefs by 1.5
Over/Under: 42.0

Analysis: The Seahawks have started looking like the Seahawks again and are capable of beating anyone in the NFL. The question is can they catch up with the Cardinals in the NFC West? They quest continues this week in Kansas City where they beat the Chiefs.

Straight Pick: Seahawks
Spread Pick: Seahawks + 1.5
OU Pick: Under 42.0

Confidence: Low on the Straight and the Spread; High on the Under

Atlanta Falcons at Carolina Panthers:

Line: Falcons by 2.0
Over/Under: 47.0

Analysis: Two enigmatic NFC South teams meet in a clash of the mediocre. Atlanta is a horrible road team, so we’ll pick against them here.

Straight Pick: Panthers
Spread Pick: Panthers + 2.0
OU Pick: Under 47.0

Confidence: Low on the Straight and the Spread; High on the Under

Cincinnati Bengals at New Orleans Saints:

Line: Saints by 7.0
Over/Under: 52.0

Analysis: Andy Dalton played one of the worst games ever by an established NFL starter with 34 wins in 57 start. He’ll bounce back, but not well enough to beat an angry Saints team that was robbed of a win by a phantom offensive pass interference call.

Straight Pick: Saints
Spread Pick: Saints – 7.0
OU Pick: Under 52.0

Confidence: High on the Straight; Low on the Spread and the Under

Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Washington Redskins:

Line: Redskins by 7.0
Over/Under: 46.0

Analysis: Tampa Bay has played surprisingly well on the road this season and the Redskins are not a good enough team to be giving this many points. They’ll win the game, but not cover the spread.

Straight Pick: Redskins
Spread Pick: Buccaneers + 7.0
OU Pick: Over 46.0

Confidence: Low on the Straight and the Spread; High on the Over

Denver Broncos at St. Louis Rams:

Line: Broncos by 10.0
Over/Under: 51.5

Analysis: St. Louis turns back to Shaun Hill in a desperation move. It might have some effect if the opposing quarterback wasn’t Peyton Manning.

Straight Pick: Broncos
Spread Pick: Broncos – 10.0
OU Pick: Over 51.5

Confidence: High on all three picks

San Francisco Forty-Niners at New York Giants:

Line: Forty-Niners by 5.0
Over/Under: 45.0

Analysis: The Forty-Niners are one of the best running teams in the NFL. The Giants are dead last in the league on stopping the run, but are “tweaking their schemes.” This doesn’t give me confidence.

Straight Pick: Forty-Niners
Spread Pick: Forty-Niners – 5.0
OU Pick: Under 45.0

Confidence: High on the Straight and the Spread; Low on the Under

Oakland Raiders at San Diego Chargers:

Line: Chargers by 10.0
Over/Under: 44.5

Analysis: San Diego got embarrassed by the Dolphins when last they played, but tend to play close games with the Raiders. The Chargers win, but don’t cover a big spread.

Straight Pick: Chargers
Spread Pick: Raiders + 10.0
OU Pick: Under 44.5

Confidence: Low on the Straight and the Spread; High on the Under

Detroit Lions at Arizona Cardinals:

Line: Pick Em
Over/Under: 41.0

Analysis: In the first game since losing Carson Palmer for the season, the Cardinals rally around Drew Stanton and beat the Lions. After that, they will come back down to Earth.

Straight Pick: Cardinals
Spread Pick: Cardinals E
OU Pick: Under 41.0

Confidence: Low on the Straight and the Spread; High on the Under

New England Patriots at Indianapolis Colts:

Line: Colts by 2.0
Over/Under: 59.0

Analysis: Two top teams in the AFC, both playing great football – the home team wins.

Straight Pick: Colts
Spread Pick: Colts – 2.0
OU Pick: Over 59.0

Confidence: High on all three picks

Pittsburgh Steelers at Tennessee Titans:

Line: Steelers by 7.0
Over/Under: 46.5

Analysis: The Steelers are reeling after losing to the Jets and will try to take their frustrations out on the Titans. If this game was at Heinz Field, Pittburgh would be a best bet, but on the road, the Steelers are sketchy.

Straight Pick: Steelers
Spread Pick: Titans + 7.0
OU Pick: Over 46.5

Confidence: Low on the Straight and the Spread; High on the Over

If you want to play a parley: The best of the high confidence picks… Browns – 3.5, Broncos – 10.0, Forty-Niners – 5.0, Colts – 2.0

If you’re in a suicide pool: In order… Cardinals, Broncos, Packers, Saints

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