Keys to Victory: Giants at Seahawks


    The Giants did not not achieve any of the Giants360 keys to victory when the game mattered on Monday night, and it showed, as they were down 37-10 before some garbage time touchdowns narrowed the margin of loss. On a short week, Big Blue travels 3,000 miles to take on the Seahawks, and need a victory desperately to keep their fading playoff hopes alive. A win is possible, although improbable, and below is how they can do it:

    1. Throw the Ball. Throwing is more of a reaction to the Seattle run defense being nearly impenetrable, surrendering only 83 yards per game and 3.19 yard per carry. And enough aggressive down field passing – Eli Manning was 0-10 on passes over 20 yards against the Colts. Jerry Reese should stick to talent evaluation and allow the football coaches to coach the football.

      Wilson is a dual threat quarterback
      Wilson is a dual threat quarterback
    2. Sustain drives. See the above state about 20+ yard passing attempts. To move the football, Manning needs to hit quick passes to Odell Beckham, Rueben Randle, Corey Washington, and Larry Donnell. Moving the chains and driving the ball will keep the quarterback upright and put points on the scoreboard [Editor’s note: Preston Parker’s omission from the above list was not an accident].
    3. Contain Russell Wilson. The Seahawks quarterback, who rival’s Peyton Manning when it comes to preparation for games, is also one of the most elusive and skilled running quarterbacks in the game. While not a liability as a passer as many mobile quarterbacks are, Wilson has gained 393 yards on 52 carries this season, and already has two one hundred yard rushing games to his credit. The Giants have been vulnerable to quarterback scrambles, and have not faces as skilled a runner as Wilson. Devon Kennard should shadow him on passing downs.
    4. Protect the Ball. The Seahawks did not generate a turnover in two of their three losses (at San Diego and at St. Louis). Seattle has also not turned the ball over more than once in any game this season. The Giants cannot lose the turnover battle and win this game. Sloppy football is a fast path to 3-6.
    5. Stop the Run. Seattle’s top receivers are Doug Baldwin, Jermaine Kearse and running back Marshawn Lynch. Their tight end is Paul Willson. None put fear into a defensive coordinator’s heart as pass catchers. The true threats on this offense are Lynch and quarterback Wilson running the ball. Stop them and the Giants have a good chance of stopping Seattle..

    The statistics and analysis of this game don’t paint a pretty picture for the New York Giants, but games are played on the field and not on computers or on paper. The first NFL commissioner once famously said, “One any given Sunday, any team in the NFL can beat any other team.” If the Giants accomplish all five of the above for the full game today, they will beat the Seahawks.


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