360 Picks: Week 9


    If you want to make a mint, take the 360 picks on over/unders and bet your mortgage and kid’s college fund on the opposite. The game total picks continue to baffle the the circuitry, while we turned in a great week with the straight picks, going 11-4, and a middling 8-7 week against the spread. As the season hits the half way point, we keep chugging along, looking to hit our stride and pick all winners all the time. Hey, we can dream.

    First let’s look at how we’ve done, then we’ll move on to this week’s selections.

    Straight up: 5-1 on High confidence picks, 6-3 on Low. 11-4 Overall
    Straight up season: 32-15-1 on High confidence picks, 38-35 on low. 70-50-1 Overall

    Spread: 3-2 on High confidence picks, 5-5 on Low. 8-7 Overall
    Spread season: 16-18 on High Confidence Picks, 42-43-2 on Low. 58-61-2 Overall

    OU: 1-5 on High confidence Picks, 3-6 on Low. 4-11 Overall
    Season OU: 5-14-1 on High confidence picks, 44-64-3 on Low. 49-69-3 Overall

    Parley Picks: Missed, 0-1. 0-8 Overall. Yes, 0 for the first half of the season. Ugly. But, there’s a second half for a reason
    Suicide Selections: 4-0, 23-9 Overall. Hit them all. Ding Ding Ding. Winner, Winner, Chicken Winner.

    360 Picks Week 9:

    Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Cleveland Browns:

    Line: Browns by 7.0
    Over/Under: 43.0

    Analysis: The third of three games for Cleveland in their soft spot in the schedule. They’ve gone 1-1. Tampa Bay is playing better since Mike Glennon took over as starting quarterback, but Cleveland is tough at home.

    Straight Pick: Browns
    Spread Pick: Browns – 7.0
    OU Pick: Under 43.0

    Confidence: Low on all three picks

    Arizona Cardinals at Dallas Cowboys:

    Line: Cowboys by 3.0
    Over/Under: 45.0

    Analysis: The Dallas team physician, Dr. Jerry Jones, said Tony Romo will play if he can manage the pain from his back contusion. Consulting doctor Jason Garrett, M.D. concurred with the diagnosis. When Romo returned to Monday night’s game after suffering the injury, he was not effective in the pocket. Washington blitzed and sacked Romo 5 times, and his mobility will be severely limited by his sore back if he plays in this game. Did I mention that the Cardinals are a blitz happy team. Take the points.

    Straight Pick: Cardinals
    Spread Pick: Cardinals + 3.0
    OU Pick: Over 45.0

    Confidence:  Low on all three picks

    Philadelphia Eagles at Houston Texans:

    Line: Eagles by 2.5
    Over/Under: 49.0

    Analysis: The Eagles just lost to Arizona last week when a pass into the end zone was out of bounds. Houston has been running the ball well and their defense is solid. Call this one the 360 upset pick of the week and take the points.

    Straight Pick: Texans
    Spread Pick: Texans + 2.5
    OU Pick: Under 49.0

    Confidence: Low on all three picks

    New York Jets at Kansas City Chiefs:

    Line: Chiefs by 8.5
    Over/Under: 43.0

    Analysis: Michael Vick get the start for the Jets because Geno Smith was turning the ball over too much. Read that last sentence again. Perhaps John Idzik and Rex Ryan forgot about the double digit fumbles and multiple interceptions Vick had during his final days in Philadelphia. They’ll soon remember. Still, 8.5 is a lot of points, take em, but the Chiefs still win it.

    Straight Pick: Chiefs
    Spread Pick: Jets + 8.5
    OU Pick: Over 43.0

    Confidence: Low on all three picks

    Jacksonville Jaguars at Cincinnati Bengals:

    Line: Bengals by 10.0
    Over/Under: 43.5

    Analysis: A.J. Green might be returning the the Bengals lineup right when Giovanni Bernard appears to be out with a hip pointer and clavicle injury. Fortunately, if both miss the game it’s only the Jaguars. Lay the points.

    Straight Pick: Bengals
    Spread Pick: Bengals – 10.0
    OU Pick: Under 43.5

    Confidence: High on the Straight and the Spread, Low the Under

    San Diego Chargers at Miami Dolphins:

    Line: Pick Em
    Over/Under: 46.0

    Analysis: San Diego travels across the country to Miami to play the up and down Dolphins in Miami. The Chargers tend to travel well, except to Denver, and the extra rest will take sting out of the long trip.

    Straight Pick: Chargers
    Spread Pick: Chargers E
    OU Pick: Over 46.0

    Confidence: Low on all three picks

    Washington Redskins at Minnesota Vikings:

    Line: Pick Em
    Over/Under: 43.5

    Analysis: Early reports have Robert Griffin III returning to the lineup for this game in place of Monday Night’s upset hero Colt McCoy. He’ll be rusty and Teddy Bridgewater will take advantage of the Redskins horrible secondary and has the mobility to escape the blitz.

    Straight Pick: Vikings
    Spread Pick: Vikings E
    OU Pick: Under 43.5

    Confidence: High on the Straight and the Spread, Low the Under

    St. Louis Rams at San Francisco Forty-Niners:

    Line: Forty-Niners by 9.5
    Over/Under: 44.5

    Analysis: The bay area is celebrating the S.F. Giants third championship in five seasons. That energy carries onto the field of jeans to the Forty-Niners who defeat the Rams and their beat up offensive line.

    Straight Pick: Forty-Niners
    Spread Pick: Forty-Niners – 9.5
    OU Pick: Under 44.5

    Confidence: High on the Straight and the Spread, Low the Under

    Denver Broncos at New England Patriots:

    Line:Broncos by 3.0
    Over/Under: 55.0

    Analysis: I think I heard something about a quarterback match-up in this game? Some other Manning, not Eli, and Tom Brady? For the 16th time? Peyton is 2-7 against the Patriots in Foxboro and never pass up New England at home with points.

    Straight Pick: Patriots
    Spread Pick: Patriots + 3.0
    OU Pick: Under 55.0

    Confidence: Low on all three picks

    Oakland Raiders at Seattle Seahawks:

    Line: Seahawks by 14.0
    Over/Under: 43.0

    Analysis: Seattle at home against a bad team is as close to a sure thing as one gets in the National Football League in 2014. Covering 15 points is another matter. We’re laying them, cautiously.

    Straight Pick: Seahawks
    Spread Pick: Seahawks – 14.0
    OU Pick: Under 43.0

    Confidence: High on the Straight; Low on the Spread and Under

    Baltimore Ravens at Pittsburgh Steelers:

    Line: Ravens by 1.5
    Over/Under: 47.5

    Analysis: Pittsburgh is on a roll. Baltimore is playing solid football, but will run into a buzz saw at Heinz Field. These games are usually entertaining and it’s hard to resist the Steelers at home with points.

    Straight Pick: Steelers
    Spread Pick: Steelers + 1.5
    OU Pick: Over 47.5

    Confidence: High on the Straight and the Spread, Low on the Over

    Indianapolis Colts at New York Giants:

    Line: Colts by 4.0
    Over/Under: 50.5

    Analysis: The Giants have been one of the best at circling the wagon under Tom Coughlin. And the wagons need circling for the 2014 season. Unfortunately, the Colts are coming off an embarrassment by the Steelers after giving up 51 points at Heinz field. The Giants won’t need to put up that many points, but 40 might be needed to win this one. Eli can do it. Two Mondays, two upsets in row.

    Straight Pick: Giants
    Spread Pick: Giants + 4.0
    OU Pick: Under 50.5

    Confidence: Low on all three picks

    If you want to play a parley: The best of the high confidence picks… Vikings E, Bengals – 10.0, Steelers + 1.5

    If you’re in a suicide pool: In order… Seahawks, Bengals, Forty-Niners, Steelers


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