Giants at Cowboys: Key to Victory


    Against Philadelphia, the only Key to the Game that the Giants accomplished was generating turnovers with two Nick Foles interceptions, but they failed to capitalize on either. The results of the game reflect the team’s poor overall performance, with the game not as close as the 27-0 score would indicate. Next up are the 5-1 Dallas Cowboys at AT&T Stadium, or the Jerrydome, as it’s been called by those who find such sarcasm amusing. Fresh off their upset of Seattle in Seattle, the Cowboys are off to their finest start since the days of Jimmy Johnson, Troy Aikman, and Emmitt Smith. A loss severely cripples the Giants chances of competing for the NFC East this season.

    To beat Dallas, the Giants need to do the following:

    1. Dez Bryant is targeted by 30% of Tony Romo's passes
      Dez Bryant is targeted by 30% of Tony Romo’s passes

      Run the Ball. The Cowboys surrender 5.09 yards per carry to opposing runners, but teams have not been able to consistently run the ball against the time of possession hog Dallas team. Beating Dallas is best accomplished by beating them at their own game, and that means running the ball.

    2. Stop The Run. Demarco Murray has tied Jim Brown’s record for consecutive 100 yard games to start a season and will look to break it this week. Prior to Sunday, the Giants run defense was good and it needs to return to that level in order to prevent the Cowboys from running roughshod over them. Jon Beason shaking the rust off from three weeks of rehab for his toe injury will be a good start. He was not in top form against the Eagles.
    3. Create Turnovers and Capitalize on Them. The Cowboys turn the ball over an average of twice per game, and the Giants will need them and more to keep the potent Cowboys offense off the field. But the turnovers will do no good if they aren’t converted into points – touchdowns, preferably.
    4. Blanket Dez Bryant. Bryant is the Cowboys leading target in the passing game by a wide margin with 57 of Tony Romo’s 191 passes intended for him. He’s caught 36 for 439 yards and 4 touchdowns, but 4 of Romo’s 5 interceptions have been on passes intended for Bryant. Having two defensive backs on him at all times will leave one in position to jump on any errant pass that Romo unleashes.
    5. Don’t Let Terrance Williams Get Behind the Defense. Williams has caught 5 touchdown passes, combining with Bryant to have hauled in 9 of Romo’s 11 on the year. The Giants defense has been weakest down the middle of the field, so expect Dallas to sent Williams deep over the middle to test the vulnerability. Quintin Demps can’t let him succeed.

    Following a big road upset in Seattle, Dallas is ripe for a letdown against a Giants team that looked less than impressive against the Eagles. If the team that won three games in a row shows up for this game, and not the one that was subjected to the Philadelphia massacre, the Giants have enough talent to beat the Cowboys. If that same Division 1AAA team takes the field that played last Sunday night, they couldn’t beat the Raiders or the Jaguars.

    Ollie and Nellie
    Ollie and Nellie

    This morning, we bring you a Superfan Corner featuring the some canine Giants fans, part of the @DudeandLadyRed family. Ollie, below, likes to relax before games in his stylish Giants collar. He’s a 2 year old lab and his sister, Nellie, shown with him to the right, is a 7 month old hound mix. Brandon and Laura, proud pet parents, adopted Nellie from North Bound Pound Puppies, a new non-profit that helps pets on the east coast. They can be found on Facebook, www.northboundpoundpuppies.orgĀ  and @DudeandLadyRed will certainly provide you with information about them. Giants360 is a big supporter of pet adoption, and salutes Giants Superfans Brandon and Laura for sharing their home with two pups needing a place to root for the G-Men.

    Ollie looking stylish in his Giants collar
    Ollie looking stylish in his Giants collar (click to enlarge)

    If you would like to be featured in Superfan Corner, send your information @giants360 or DM us on Twitter. We feature pictures of fans displaying their Giants colors and want to hear your unique Giants related story. You must be following the Giants360 Twitter account to be featured.

    Please note that Giants360 is not affiliated with North Bound Pound Puppies, and do not know the details of their operations, but their web story is inspiring, and their mission of finding homes for dogs in need is an admirable one. Every animal deserves a loving home and a warm bed.


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