Season Preview, Part 3: A Celebrity Take


Erin Foley decked out in Giants gear and her sacred Giants scarf.
Erin Foley decked out in Giants gear and her sacred Giants scarf.

Erin Foley is a comedic actress, writer, and comedian who you may have seen in the movie Almost Famous or on HBO’s Curb Your Enthusiasm. When she appeared on the improv comedy panel show @midnight, Giants360 was first introduced to her podcast, Sports Without Balls, where Erin and a guest delve into a wide array of sports each week, and through it, one learns of her lifelong devotion to our New York Giants. If you’re looking for a lighthearted, informative podcast that mixes every sport imaginable with wit, laughter, and charm, I highly recommend it.

Erin was kind enough to answer some questions for Giants360, and couldn’t have been more gracious. As you will see, she knows her football, and the Giants.

Giants360: Will Eli bounce back his season?

Foley: Yes, Eli will bounce back. I will defend Eli to my grave. I hope that’s not anytime soon because it’s the start of the NFL season! Thank God! When Giants’ fans throw Eli under the bus I respond with this list: Kerry Collins, Kurt Warner, Kent Graham, Dave Brown, Jesse Palmer, Danny Kannell… that usually does the trick. His consistency and two Super Bowl rings should be enough. It would be enough if he didn’t have a big brother.

Giants360: Can the team wrestle the NFC East away from the Eagles?

Foley: I don’t see anyone wrestling the East away from the Eagles which kills me. I think they are going to get better and better which means I will be purchasing a flask.

Giants360: The new offense? Will it fix what was broken?

Foley: It’s going to be interesting to see what this new offense entails. I think we all can agree that the preseason was a bit of a hot mess. 5-0 doesn’t mean anything. Good news first. Our offensive line went through an overhaul in the off season. It’s always been so solid for the Giants. Eli had 700 interceptions last season because our O-line was comprised of cousins of the dudes on the practice squad. If the O-line is better, the new and improved running game will take the pressure off Manning. Bad news. Eli will be throwing to the cousins of the wide receivers on the practice squad. We need Odell’s hamstring to be duct taped and Victor Cruz to grow another arm. I guess I’ll be playing tight end.

Giants360: Who’s your favorite Giant – Current and All Time?

Foley: Current: Manning. All Time: Mark Bavaro and LT (tie).

Giants360: Victor Cruz said recently that this team has championship mettle. Can you see them making another championship run?

Foley: I can see them making another championship run in another year or two. It depends if everyone stays healthy and this new offense goes forward and down the field instead of side to side and out of bounds (see last season).

Giants360: Will you be attending any Giant games this year?

Foley: I hope to either catch a home game later in the season when I go back to New York City or possibly head to Seattle (quick flight from LA) and try to be New York’s 12th woman.

From the stage to the huddle. Meet the newest TE for the NYG
From the stage to the huddle. Meet the newest TE for the NYG?

And there you have it folks, another Giants360 exclusive, Erin Foley will be playing tight end for the Giants, the position most in need of an upgrade. She is already a better option than Adrien Robinson.

Many thanks to Erin for taking the time to talk to Giants360 and her insights into upcoming Giants season.

If you would like more information about Erin Foley, her comedy, albums, and tour dates, visit Sports without Balls can be found on iTunes, on, or though the Apple podcast app. Follow Erin on Twitter @erinfoleycomic.

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