Super Bowl 48 – What are we left with?


Seattle Seahawks v New York Giants

The Seahawks just pounded the Broncos into submission Sunday night to earn their first ever Super Bowl title.  So what are we, the Giants faithful, taking away from all this?

For starters, there is comfort in the notion that Defense still wins championships. In this day and age of the offense-friendly NFL , with its countless DPI calls and emphasis on protecting the offensive players (QB), we have seen the most dominating defense in the league deliver a smack down of historical proportions against Peyton Manning’s record-breaking offense.

Seattle’s championship team is built on picking top quality personnel selected in day 2 of the draft.  The Super Bowl MVP was a 7th round pick in 2011. Richard Sherman was a 5th round pick. The on the field benefits are obvious. Beyond that, having that level of talent in rookie contracts, affords tremendous salary flexibility everywhere else.  And that is how you build a championship team.  This all means that we cannot whiff on the draft again, we cannot afford to have late draft picks that are out of the league come September or not actually contributing.  Not with this salary cap situation (dire) and with multiple needs to be addressed.  Jerry Reese has done a remarkable job early on in his stint as GM, but unfortunately the same cannot be said for the last two drafts with regards to Day 2 of the draft and rounds 5+.  In addition, the Seattle performance shows that the game can be won with not-so-sexy additions to “skill” positions. I am looking at you undrafted(!) Doug Baldwin and Jermaine Kearse, wide receivers who starred on the biggest possible stage.  Victor Cruz is clearly our Giants crowd pleaser here and another prime example of undrafted diamond in the rough.   It is certainly comforting seeing the likes of these undrafted receivers along with another Giants late round gem (Ahmad Bradshaw – 7th rounder) getting the rings.

Need more of the same ’07 draft success.  Time to bring out the old magic Reese, we cannot afford “projects” in the O line, not with Eli getting deeper in the wrong side of 30.  The next Richard Sherman and Super bowl MVP Malcolm Smith are somewhere out there amongst the 300 players who will be drafted in May.  Hopefully they’ll be in the Big Blue training camp come July.



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