From November Swoon to December Doom


If there is one thing we have learned in the Tom Coughlin and Eli Manning era, it is do not ever count them out of laying an egg. And the Giants are as good as anyone at it. Yesterday’s 34-0 drumming by the Atlanta Falcons did not end the Giants season, which is somewhat unfortunate because at this point I just want it to be over. New York still somehow controls their playoff destiny. If they were to win their next two games, they would automatically make the wild card because of tiebreakers with the Bears and Vikings and the fact that the Cowboys and Redskins play each other once more.

Other than the fact that the Giants moved the ball a little bit yesterday, they did nothing right and Eli Manning played like crap. Their defense stinks. The secondary cannot cover and the front seven couldn’t stop the run if their lives depended on it. The amount of tackles that have been broken by opposing running backs must be numbering close to 100.

The fact that the Giants never score touchdowns when they are in the red zone is also another despicable attribute of this team. That and the fact that Lawrence Tynes is really not that good of a kicker. Yes he was playing really well for most of this season, but if you are a Giants fan and watch all the games than you must know that Tynes is never to be trusted. Yes he hit a couple of field goals to send New York to the Super Bowl, but I will never forget the two he missed in the 2007 NFC Championship Game. Plus he has no distance on his kicks so you can forget about him making anything past 48 yards.

The Giants’ season for all intensive purposes is over. There is absolutely no chance that they are going to go in to Baltimore, after they got destroyed by Denver, and win that game. Especially knowing that Ray Lewis, the emotional leader, is returning for that game. And even by some miracle the Giants win that game, there is no chance that they are going to beat Philadelphia, who they seem to lose to every time, in an important game.

I cannot get too upset with this season, because of their Super Bowl run last year. But the fact that every New York Giants’ season is exactly the same, really makes you frustrated. If Tom Coughlin’s team ever started the season 4-4, I could not imagine what that second half would resemble. At the very least the Giants will be getting a decent pick in the draft and could maybe address the multitude of problems this team has.


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