Several Starters Missing from Practice


Today’s practice had several notable players missing from it. Those players included Kenny Phillips who re-injured his knee during the game against the Packers, Ahmad Bradshaw, David Diehl, Jacquian Williams and David Baas. The most concerning absentee was Kenny Phillips.

Now it was said after the game that he was not hurt too bad, but having him on the field during that Green Bay game definitely made a difference. His presence allows Stevie Brown, who has earned himself a role, and Antrel Rolle to move around the field to play more suitable positions. With the speed of Robert Griffin III and Pierre Garcon, it is important that he is able to play to allow the three safeties to play the scheme that Perry Fewell wants to use.

Along with Phillips, it would be nice to see if Jacquian Williams could be used to fill a role as a spy on Griffin. Williams is a speedy linebacker and if he his able to read the play actions and fakes, that the Redskins’ offense uses a lot, he could make an impact on the game.

This game Monday Night Game may have a big role in determining the outcome of the NFC East, making it even more important for these particular players to be able to take the field.



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