Game Recap: Giants Collapse in Fourth Quarter


The Giants led the Steelers for majority of the game, but they weren’t playing well and I just had a feeling the game wasn’t going to end in the Giants favour. For the third week in a row, the Giants offense has looked sloppy and unorganized, which is not something you would expect from a team led by Tom Coughlin and a unit led by Eli Manning. For the second game in a row, the Giants offense failed to find the end zone in the second half, and this time it cost them the game.

The Giants offense only managed to pick up 182 yards, and only had possession of the ball for 24:45 of the 60 minutes. The Giants have one of the best groups of receivers in the NFL, but in the past two weeks, they have failed to validate that statement. The Giants look tired and in need of break, and fortunately they will get a bye after their game in Cincinnati on Sunday.

Let’s look at what went wrong in the Giants 20-24 loss to the Pittsburgh Steelers.

– David Diehl – He flat out can’t start anymore. Sean Locklear wasn’t dominating when he replaced Diehl as the teams starting right tackle, but he played much better than David Diehl who doesn’t look like he has any gas left in the tank.

– Pass defense – Again, the Giants pass defense was just horrendous, and they now have the seventh worst ranked pass defense in the league. If they hadn’t given up the 51-yard touchdown to Mike Wallace, the game may have had a completely different outcome, however, they were unable to stop the Steelers on third down all game.

– Eli Manning – What the hell happens to this guy when November rolls around. He has never performed well in this month, and for Thanksgiving I will be thankful that the Giants bye week happens to come in November. Next week should be a relief for Eli though, the Cowboys and Steelers both have excellent defenses.

– Hakeem Nicks – He has had one good game this season, other than that he was been limited with injuries all season, and again was not able to get any separation against the Steelers. He had only one catch for ten yards. The Giants will need him to get back to playing like himself after the bye when they will have a lot of tough games.

The Giants problems are all fixable, so there is no reason to panic. Additionally, the NFC East looks awful this year, the Giants are the only team in the division to win a game in the past two weeks, so barring a second half collapse, the Giants are in a good position to win the division, but they need to find a way to fix their current problems.


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