Antrel Rolle Interview, New Chase MasterCard Debit Card


Antrel Rolle and Nick Mangold are at Chase Bank today in Manhattan promoting a new Jets and Giants debit card that is being introduced. MasterCard and Chase have teamed up to make this happen and are allowing fans to come out and meet with Antrel and Nick from 12-2PM, at Chase Bank on 60 East and 42nd Street. After the meet and greet they will be answering questions and comments on twitter using @MasterCard. Beforehand I had the opportunity to interview Antrel Rolle, starting safety of the New York Giants.

Photo by: Tom Berg/Icon SMI

Q. What are you doing with Nick Mangold, Chase and MasterCard this afternoon?

A. We have the opportunity to sign autographs and take pictures with the fans that come by this afternoon.

Q. After the game Sunday Night, how is the knee feeling that was nagging you during the week?

A. The knee feels fine, I have been taking it day by day. Trying to rehab back to shape, but I’ll be playing. It is a process.

Q. Do you have any word on Kenny Philips and how his knee is doing?

A. I’m not sure, I know he will not be playing next week, but as to the extent of the injury I’m not positive.

Q. Week to week it seems that players are hurt in the secondary, aside from you. What are you doing differently that keeps you on the field?

A. I don’t think I’m doing anything different at all. I am willing to be out there each week. I’m out there to compete and perform. But I don’t think I’m doing anything differently that I know of.

Q. It looked like Kenny Philips was playing up in the box a lot on Sunday. When he came out of the game what kind of adjustments did the Giants have to make to compensate for his loss?

A. We didn’t have to make too many adjustments. Stevie Brown came in for us and was performing well. The guys we have know how to come in and play.

Q. Stevie Brown did look good on a few blitz plays, but when he came in LeSean McCoy started to pick up some chunks of yards in the running game, what was going on there?

A. You know when things like that happen, we don’t single anyone out. It becomes a whole team unit breakdown. When McCoy breaks free and one guy doesn’t get him and the other guy misses him, it’s the team’s fault. There were a lot of things in the second half that we have to clean up. When things like that happen, we are all at fault.

Q. From what we’ve seen out of Hosley this year, he has looked pretty good. What do you think of Hosley and what can he improve upon going forward?

A. Yeah I like what I’ve seen out of Hosley. He needs some more experience, but he’s a young guy with a lot of talent and most of all a lot of swagger and confidence. Hosley has played well in that cornerback and nickel position.

Q. Do you see him taking on a more prominent role with the defense, or sticking to nickel for the time being?

A. You know, I don’t know about that, it’s not my decision to make. But what I can say is that you know whatever role he gets he is going to be able to play it well and execute.

Q. Looking forward to next week in the Cleveland Browns. When preparing for rookies like Weeden and Richardson, do you only look at NFL game films or some college tape as well because there is not a lot on them?

A. No we’re just going to look at their game film from the NFL. He is a much different quarterback and run different systems than in college. And he has different talent around him now. They have played some very close games so far. They are hungry, and although their 0-4 they have played well in some games.

Q. Do you ever have that fear that a losing team is finally going to get that win when you play them?

A. You know this is the NFL, everything you get in this league is earned and nothing is guaranteed. So you have to prepared for whatever may be coming the next week.

Q. Have you spoken to Terrell Thomas recently and do you think he will be making a comeback after another knee surgery?

A. Yeah I definitely expect him to comeback, he is a really tough guy and I fully expect him to making sure he is ready to come back when he is healed.

Q. What team in the NFC East do you find the most difficult to prepare for when facing them the next week.

A. In our division you have to pick your poison. You have the Redskins, Dallas and Philly all tough teams. More importantly no matter who or how they played the week before they always play well against the Giants. When facing teams like that all the time you have to prepared, it doesn’t matter what their records are.

Q. Thanks a lot for talking with me and hopefully you guys can make another playoff push.

A. Alright thank you.




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