Giants at Eagles Part 1


The New York Giants travel to Philadelphia to face their division rival Philadelphia Eagles. The Philadelphia Eagles have owned the Giants souls for some time now. Pretty much throughout the Andy Ried era in Philly the Eagles have continually beat New York. Despite all of that the Giants do have two Superbowl victories to the Eagles goose egg.

Throughout the Coughlin era the New York Giants have never handled prosperity well. It seems that the Giants need to have their backs against the wall for them to play well. Hopefully that is not the case today.

Keys to the Game: Contain Michael Vick. Most of Vick’s big plays in the passing game or running, come when he is out of the pocket. The Giants defensive line must maintain gap control and prevent Vick from getting out of the pocket. When in the pocket, Vick is very much an average quarterback who is prone to making bad decisions. If the Giants defensive line do not get caught up field they should be able to limit the damage Vick deals.

Stop LeSean McCoy…..please. McCoy is a very good running back, but he is Jim Brown good against the New York Giants. In his career against New York he has averaged 90 yards rushing and a touchdown, which if you are the Giants is despicable.

Do not turnover the ball. Whether Eli is throwing interceptions to defensive tackles, or fumbling the ball without being touched, Manning has a habit of handing the ball back to the Eagles. If the Giants expect to win this game tonight they cannot turnover the ball more than once, and even one time may be too much.

Injuries: As usual the Giants are badly banged up. Hakeem Nicks will not play with his bad knee. What may be most costly to New York is not having corner Jayron Hosley, who has been productive in his young career. David Diehl and Keith Rivers will also miss the game as well.

Philly’s left tackle King Dunlap will miss the game, promoting Demetress Bell into the starting lineup. Jeremy Maclin and Trent Cole are hurt, but will most likely play.

Final Analysis: If you asked an unbiased person who should win this game on paper, they would most likely say the New York Giants. And that is where the problem lies. It is too obvious to choose the Giants. First off they have a habit of losing to the Eagles. Secondly, the Eagles are due to play a good game. And thirdly, the Giants are coming off a great all around effort, that equals loss the following week. Philadelphia 21 New York 13.


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