Osi Umenyiora Asks Giants Fans to Stop Booing Tiki


Photo by Rich Kane/Icon SMI

Via Twitter, Osi Umenyiora has once again brought the spotlight onto himself by tweeting about a sour subject for many Giants fans. Recently Osi has gotten himself in trouble on Twitter by wishing LeSean McCoy a Happy Mother’s day, has gotten noticed by offering to buy LT’s Super Bowl ring and return it to the former Giants hero if Osi reached one million followers, and now he is advising Giants fans to no longer boo Tiki Barber. The exact tweet from Osi is as follows:

[blackbirdpie url=”http://twitter.com/OsiUmenyiora/status/220506108786245634″]

Osi hasn’t exactly been Giants fans favorite player in recent years, his constant complaining for a new contract had grown old and Giants fans were ready for the organization to show him the door. Instead, the Giants gave the Pro Bowl defensive end a raise for his final season. The idea behind the raise is likely just to make him happy for the season, while also receiving the benefit of having him play hard in order to earn a large contract next offseason with a team that likely won’t be the New York Giants.

Despite fans having different opinions on Osi’s attitude and how much he has affected the locker room in the past, no Giants fan can deny that he helped the Giants get two Super Bowls and is a big part of why the Giants are heading into the 2012 season with the best group of pass rushers and the best defensive line in the NFL.


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