Amani Toomer Believes that Romo is better than Eli


Eli celebrates his second Super Bowl victory.

In his very own attempt to be the next Tiki Barber, the Giants all-time leading receiver, Amani Toomer, decided to make a bold statement and anoint Tony Romo as the best quarterback in the NFC East. By making this statement, on the fine football talk show on SiriusXM’s NFL Radio, Amani Toomer is also saying that Romo is a better quarterback than Eli Manning. Of course Toomer wasn’t forgetting about the man who led the Giants down the field in two Super Bowls to rally the team back and win two rings, one of which Toomer also shares some of the glory. In fact, Toomer acknowledged that Eli is the better crunch time player, but stated that Romo is an all-around better player, he just isn’t able to step up his game to perform in the clutch the same way Eli Manning can.

Please don’t interpret this the wrong way, Toomer is an all-time great in the Giants history books, however, he needs to reevaluate the way he analyzes the game of football. It’s obvious that he was just looking to make a splash and create a controversial argument, but while stating his supporting argument, he also ended the debate. Any football analyst would tell you that winning games and coming up big when your team needs you the most if what matters most. Not playing well for the first three quarters and never having that triumphant moment in the end. Eli isn’t a sensational quarterback throughout all four quarters of every game, but what he is good at is putting himself, and the Giants, in a position to win the fourth quarter, and that’s when he plays his best football. So, Amani Toomer, please analyze your analysis of the two quarterbacks a little more, and then get back to us with your final decision.


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