Manningham to Explore Options as Free Agent


Mario Manningham is without a doubt the Giants most valuable Unrestricted Free Agent. The Giants are going to need to do work in order to just get under the cap if they want to maintain their current roster (minus the Giants Free Agents) and to sign whoever they select in the 2012 NFL Draft. But over the past few days, reports have come out which have given percentages in regards to the possibility of Manningham returning to play for the New York Giants next season. First it was reported that their was a 75% chance he would be leaving and heading to the Buccaneers, then it was reported that the odds were a 50/50 split, now it’s being denied that he is interested in joining the Buccaneers.

Mario Manningham has confused Giants fans with his routes since he was drafted, but he was still a reliable¬†play-maker¬†who will go down in Giants history for his fantastic catch which set up the game winning drive in Super Bowl XLVI. Manningham most likely won’t be back in a Giants uniform, but that is most likely due to the Giants current cap situation.


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