Carl Predicts Giants Victory Over Packers


Carl doesn’t get nearly enough credit for correctly predicting the winner of Super Bowl 42 (and the two conference winners) more than two months prior to the game in 2007. In 2007, following the Giants bye week all the hype was about the match-up between the two unbeaten teams at the time, the Indianapolis Colts and the New England Patriots. But Carl was pissed, because he knew about the magical run the Giants were going to have. Carl stated, months prior to the 17-14 Super Bowl 42 victory, that “it’s a foregone conclusion, the Gmen will roll in Arizona” and even went on to predict the dominance of Giants defensive line in that game when he said Osi Umenyoria would rip Tom Brady’s head off and engorge himself on the iron rich blood from his Patriot neck.

However, Carl isn’t satisfied with ending on that note. This week he makes his new Stone Cold Lock of the Century, of the Week! Carl believes the Giants are peaking at the right time and claims that the “magical dust from ’07 is in the air”.

Let’s hope that Carl’s latest prediction is proof that he can accurately predict the outcome of the Giants games and that it doesn’t blow up in his face. Regardless of the outcome on Sunday against the Packers, he will forever be loved by New York Giants fans for accurately predicting the Giants victory in Glendale over the 18-0 Patriots.


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