Giants Defeat Bills and Claim First Place in the NFC East

The Giants had their second straight home game on 10/16/2011 against the 4-1 Buffalo Bills. After trading punts, the Giants finally had a long scoring drive consisting of 9-plays and taking 5:26. But right after, the Bills hit a home run with Fred Jackson, and after forcing the Giants to punt, hit another home run with a 60-yard pass to Roosevelt to take a 14-7 lead. The New York Giants were outplayed, in my opinion, but what they did right, was they played smarter and were more conservative than the Bills. That is highlighted when you look at the turnovers.

A problem the Giants have had for the past couple years has been turnover, whether it was Eli throwing an interception, or Bradshaw putting the ball on the ground, the Giants were plagued with turnovers. This is a game where the Giants won because they did not turn the ball over, and then proceeded to take it away from the Bills. The Giants had zero turnovers, but had two takeaways, both were interceptions which Corey Webster took away from Stevie Johnson. The second pick was late in the 4th quarter in a 24-24 game with the Bills in field goal range. That interception gave the Giants the chance to drive down the field, and kick a field goal to take a 3-point lead with less than 2 minutes remaining. And unlike the Seahawks game, the Giants defense was able to stop the Bills from moving down the field, and were able to win and head into the bye with a 4-2 record, sitting alone on top of the NFC East.

The star of the game was Ahmad Bradshaw, he had 104 yards on 26 carries, with all 3 of the New York Giants touchdowns.

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