Giants get Embarrassed by Seahawks

First off, I apologize for not putting up a blog to cover the Giants victory over the Cardinals, I had a lot to say about it, but unfortunately I wasn’t able to find the time that week to make the post.

Now onto the game, or embarrassment, which took place on Sunday October 9, 2011 at MetLife Stadium. The Giants played their 3rd opponent from the weak NFC West in as little as 4 weeks. Seeing 3 NFC West opponents on the early part of the schedule led many Giants fans to expect another fast start. Unfortunately, the Giants have been unable to run, or stop the run. However, that topic has been beaten to death by other bloggers and columnists, I want to discuss the horrific performance made by the Giants.

The Giants have invested a fortune of money and top picks into the secondary, paying Webster and Rolle both a substantial amount. In addition to that, in 2007, the Giants 1st round pick was CB Aaron Ross, the following year it was Safety Kenny Phillips, three years later, and most recently, it was CB Prince Amukamara. Prince and the former 2nd rounder Thomas are both hurt, Ross has been inconsistent, Phillips has yet to show that he can be a special player following his knee surgery, Webster’s skills have declined since signing his big contract, and Rolle is all bark but no bite. This secondary which the Giants invested so much into has been extremely weak this season, against the Seahawks, they lost because they got confused in a critical situation and allowed the undrafted rookie Doug Baldwin to get wide open and just walk into the endzone for the go ahead score. Yes the Giants did drive right down the field and get to the 5-yard line, but Boothe forgot to snap the ball, causing the Giants to lose 5-yards and throw a pick-6 off of a Victor Cruz bobble. Boothe was also the center who forgot to block the Seahawks DT, Hargrove, and gave up a safety. Had that safety never occurred, the Giants would have let Tynes attempt a walk-off FG with seconds left. The Giants played an ugly game, but much more should be demanded from the Giants defensive secondary in the upcoming weeks!

Next week the Giants are home again, this time against the 4-1 Buffalo Bills. Keep reading this New York Giants blog from the Network for everything related to the New York Giants.

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