Giants Defeat Rams 28-16


After winning a Monday Night Football game against the St. Louis Rams, you would have thought that I would be optimistic with the Giants going forward. However, that is not the case. This team and season looks way to similar to the 2003 Giants team that went 4-12. Yes, we won, but the team continued to rack up injuries (not the fake Grant injury), and again, it was all at one position. Mario Manningham left the game with a concussion after failing to make a clean catch which was a TD for sure. He fell after making the bobbled catch and his head hit the turf hard. Giants fans can thank him, because shortly after that, Hixon made a great TD catch, but tore his ACL in the process. Had Manningham just caught the pass when wide open, he could have done one of his stupid celebrations that no one but himself enjoys. With the Eagles game coming up on Sunday, the Giants could be limited at WR to Nicks, Cruz, Stokley, Thomas, and Jernigan.

A win is a win, but this team lacks confidence and fire. We certainly hope the Giants can build on this victory and finally defeat the Eagles next week to avoid a 7th straight loss, but this team should make even the historically optimistic fans, like myself, very cautious.

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